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DomusVi’s care units for residents with advanced illnesses offer multidisciplinary palliative care by meeting functional, structural and organisational requisites guaranteeing the production of the relevant quality, safety and efficiency conditions for the level of care required.

These units are designed for all those suffering from progressive deterioration with frequent crises (whether neurological, oncological, cardiac, respiratory, renal or dementia-related, etc.), who require hospitalisation or frequently seek out emergency services.

DomusVi understands that witnessing a family member’s physical and cognitive deterioration is not easy, and that is why our professionals do not just focus on meeting patients’ needs, but also consider those of their families.

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DomusVi people

  • Testimonio del servicio de Teleasistencia SARquavitae

    My mother was struggling with living at home on her own and there was nobody to attend to her in case of emergency. Taking out DomusVi’s telecare service has restored my peace of mind, in the knowledge that she has someone on hand to help her when needed.

    Gloria, 46, daughter of a telecare customer.

  • How we work

    • We conduct an initial assessment of the patient’s needs in terms of a variety of care resources: domiciliary care, hospitalisation and medical appointments.
    • We evaluate all of the patient’s needs, by means of an integral study of their individual case.
    • Advanced planning of decisions as a form of continued care, not just during crises.
    • We designate a professional who knows the patient to monitor their case, assisting them and their family with making decisions and who will take responsibility for the situation.
    • A call centre will keep the patient in constant contact with our professionals, so that we can attend to any emergency or provide any advice needed.

    Specialist medical team

    All units feature a multi-disciplinary team specially trained in palliative care headed by a case manager, who plays a key role in guiding and accompanying the family at all times:


    Occupational therapists
    Social workers
    Speech therapist

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