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DomusVi’s night centres serve as spaces providing night care for anyone alone or in a position of dependency, meeting both the personal needs of users and offering support to their families.

Night centres are aimed at the over 65s:

Those who live alone and who may receive care during the day by means of domiciliary care services or telecare, but are afraid of spending the night alone.

Those in periods of convalescence who require assistance during the night (to go to the bathroom, get up out of bed, etc.) and support to complete their morning routine (with showering, going to the toilet and getting dressed, etc.) before going home for the day.

Those in situations of dependence with or without sleep disturbances or behaviour problems.

Sometimes even day centre users require our night service, perhaps while waiting to move into a home or if they cannot be looked after during the night.

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DomusVi people

  • Testimonio SARquavitae centro de noche para ancianos

    It was exhausting trying to meet my mother’s every need. During the day we were able to go to work knowing that she was well cared for, but the nights were a different story. She would constantly need our help to get around and could not sleep properly. When we found out about this new night centre service, we knew it was just what we needed both for my mother’s sake and ours. Now she has the professional care she needs at night.

    Ricardo, 59, son of a DomusVi night centre user.

  • How we work

    Bedtime routine
    Administering of medication
    Supervision and/or accompanying the user to the bathroom
    Provision of physical assistance to those with reduced mobility
    Monitoring of diuresis and stools
    Incontinence care
    Posture correction
    Emergency care
    Personal hygiene
    Dinner and breakfast

    Specialist medical team

    Qualified nurses
    Nursing assistants
    Social worker

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