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DomusVi offers care to patients with mental health disorders by means of an integration-based and multidisciplinary approach.

Our professionals work on the basis of five principles: inclusion, individualisation, professionalisation, participation and stabilisation.

These principles are aimed at improving and promoting the autonomy of the person and facilitating their social inclusion. To achieve this, we work from three dimensions:

1. Active participation of all persons involved: patients, family members and professionals. Community integration.

2. Professional intervention which places the mental health patient in the leading role of their life project.

3. Global intervention, based on the holistic concept of the person, from a “biopsychosocial” perspective. We aim to look at all the needs of the person as a whole, not just focusing on their pathology.

The ultimate objective is to provide a quality person-centred service, strengthening their individual resources and enhancing their connection with the environment to the largest extent possible.

For persons with mental health disorders, well-being entails controlling the symptoms and structuring their living habits in such a way that enables them to sustain a stable living situation.

How we work

The key points of care for persons with mental health disorders at DomusVi centres are:

  • Improving the patient’s quality of life, maintaining the residual skills related to basic daily life activities.
  • Improving their cognitive and functional performance.
  • Preventing or treating psychological and behavioural disorders.
  • Following and evaluating the cognitive skills of the patient.
  • Promoting their participation in cognitive stimulation and functional activities to avoid physical inactivity.

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