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DomusVi gerentological care units at our homes and day centresspecialise in care for dependent seniors who need help completing everyday tasks.

Our centres offer comprehensive people-oriented care including both health and personal care. Ageing often results in the production of various chronic illnesses, and this requires comprehensive care of the patient taking into account all of the aspects of their life affected. DomusVi has a professional team formed of specialists in different areas of care that offers the support required to ensure seniors enjoy the highest quality of life possible.

These patients’ independence is largely limited by their clinical condition, so dignified care means looking after them and their families both competently and humanely. Ethical care of our patients and their families is at the heart of everything we do.

Offering people-oriented care means offering the highest standard of care, demonstrating respect in all forms of treatment, concern for biological, psychological and social wellbeing, encouraging independence and providing a welcoming and friendly environment. Our services are administered by means of friendly treatment so that residents feel comfortable in what we consider to be their new home.

A Friendly Approach+Specialist Healthcare +Comfort and Wellbeing

DomusVi people

  • testimonial

    Her health was steadily deteriorating. We couldn’t look after her the way she needed to be cared for. Taking her to the nursing home was a difficult decision, but in the end it was the best solution for everyone. She’s more comfortable at DomusVi than she was at home. She’s got plenty of company and benefits from professional care that we just can’t offer. When we go along to visit her we enjoy being with our mother again.

    Sara, 49 years old. Daughter of a DomusVi resident.

  • How we work

    Personalised assessment and treatment
    Maintaining of cognitive capacities
    Comprehensive therapy plan
    Emergency care
    Advice and assistance to patient’s family
    Specialist multidisciplinary team
    Integration into the centre’s social life

    Specialist medical team

    Qualified nurses
    Nursing assistants
    Qualified nurses

    Social worker
    Occupational therapist
    Free-time supervisor

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