Specialist unit in geriatric psychiatry and behaviour problems

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DomusVi’s unit specialised in geriatric psychiatry and behaviour problems provides comprehensive geronotological psychiatric care to patients with psychiatric illnesses, dementia and/or associated dependencies.

This specialised service is based on therapies and care focused on individual needs. Incorporating cutting-edge technology, these therapies ensure high standards of quality care.

DomusVi understands that witnessing a family member’s physical and cognitive deterioration is not easy, and that is why our professionals do not just focus on meeting residents’ needs, but also consider those of their families.

Our units are equipped with adapted rooms so that your loved one can be as comfortable as possible, as well as a lounge area where they may spend their leisure time.

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DomusVi people

  • Testimonio psicogeriatría y trastornos de conducta

    I found myself in a situation that I just could not deal with. I was living with my mother who had been diagnosed with a schizoid personality disorder and generalised anxiety, and it was becoming very difficult to cope with as she had begun to cry out and threaten me. They are real professionals at the home, and have the right people to look after her. The therapies have put a smile back on her face, and changed all of our lives for the better.

    Rosa María, 56, daughter of a resident at a DomusVi geriatric psychology unit.

  • How we work

    Personalised assessment and treatment
    Maintaining of cognitive capacities
    Comprehensive therapy plan
    Emergency care
    Advice and assistance to patient’s family
    Specialist multidisciplinary team

    Specialist medical team

    Occupational therapist

    Social worker
    Qualified nurses
    Nursing assistants
    Free-time supervisor

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