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DomusVi’s nursing homes and day centres featuring units specialised in Alzheimer’s and dementia care offer families the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their loved one is in capable hands. With their friendly treatment, DomusVi’s professionals provide healthcare services in order to delay the development of your loved one’s neurodegenerative illness as far as possible.

A variety of cognitive therapies, periodical check-ups and stimulating and leisure activities help improve our residents’ behaviour problems and increase family satisfaction.

DomusVi understands that witnessing a family member’s physical and cognitive deterioration is not easy, and that is why our professionals do not just focus on meeting residents’ needs, but also consider those of their families. 

We are here to answer any query you have on the illness and your loved one’s development of it. Our care will focus on both you and them. 

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  • Testimonio cuidado del Alzheimer SARquavitae

    My mother’s Alzheimer’s was getting worse and it was becoming impossible to care for her at home. We had adapted our home and looked after her as well as we could, but we realised that it was not enough. It was no life for her or for us. At the home they know what they are doing, and have trained professionals to look after her. The therapy has put a smile back on her face, and has changed everyone’s lives for the better.

    Isabel, 54, daughter of DomusVi resident.

  • How we work

    Return to everyday activities

    Psychomotor stimulation
    Cognitive psychostimulation
    Occupational therapy
    Music therapy
    Reminiscence workshops
    Animal therapy

    Specialist medical team

    • Physiotherapists
    • Occupational therapists
    • Doctors
    • Psychologists

    • Social worker
    • Qualified nurses
    • Nursing assistants
    • Free-time supervisor

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