Specialised medical consultations

Team renowned for the quality of its healthcare

This resource promotes optimum monitoring of the patient’s illness, offering comprehensive tracking of the care administered and the solution and level of care required based on the specific needs involved with the illness as it progresses.

A comprehensive system with a wide variety of resources:

- External consultations/day hospitals
- Domiciliary assistance
- Hospitalisation
- Continuous telemonitoring
- Assistance with grief
- Full coordination with experienced professionals

A Friendly Approach+Specialist Healthcare +Comfort and Wellbeing

Care for people with advanced chronic diseases

Extensive experience in oncology, advanced chronic processes, geriatrics and family medicine

– Service oriented to improve end-of-life quality
– Comprehensive and integrated care
– Multidisciplinary care for the patient and the family
– Planning of anticipated decisions
– Communication, emotional support and counseling
– Use of the NECPAL instrument
– We act as a link with a whole network of resources to meet any type
of incidence

Multidisciplinary team:
Director of the service: Dr. Xavier Gómez-Batiste Alentorn
– Referring case manager
– Outpatient doctor
– Nursing
– Hospitalization unit
– Home care team
– 24 hour medical telephone service.

Care for people with neurodegenerative diseases

Attention to people affected with neurodegenerative diseases: Alzheimer’s and
Other dementias, Parkinson’s and other movement alternations
– Suspicion of memory loss, cognitive deterioration, behavioral changes
or changes in performance
– Planning of individualized therapeutic strategies
– People diagnosed with dementia not typified or in its evolutionary phase
– Second opinion in the diagnosis and strategy of the treatment to be followed or advice
resource management
– Family counseling and training to better face the process

Multidisciplinary team:
Director of the service. Dr. Miquel Aguilar Barberà
– Neurologist
– Neuropsychologist
– Social worker
– Nursing
– Hospitalization unit
– Home care team
– 24 hour medical telephone service.

DomusVi people

  • Testimonio cuidado del Alzheimer SARquavitae

    My mother’s Alzheimer’s was getting worse and it was becoming impossible to care for her at home. We had adapted our home and looked after her as well as we could, but we realised that it was not enough. It was no life for her or for us. At the home they know what they are doing, and have trained professionals to look after her. The therapy has put a smile back on her face, and has changed everyone’s lives for the better.

    Isabel, 54, daughter of DomusVi resident.

  • How do we work in specialized medical consultations?

    Our team provides complementary care to the teams that provide primary care to the patient. Our work is based on coordination, respect and cooperative organization.

    The fundamental role of our team is to complement the function of specialized teams, providing our experience in responding to complex situations of need for patients and families.

    Integral interventions, integrated and always shared with the prescribing teams (reports to prescribers).

    Systematic multidimensional evaluation of all needs: physical, emotional, social, spiritual, ethical and family environment.

    Personalized attention:
    – 24-hour service, 365 days a year
    – Renowned medical professionals
    – Multidisciplinary evaluation: doctor, nurse, psychologist, social worker
    – Possibility of home travel
    – Patient and family training.

    For more information or to request an appointment, do not hesitate to contact us at  900 101 781