At DomusVi we take care to promote and ensure the physical and emotional well-being of the elderly and / or those with dependency. We do it through a professional, human and vocational service that, day by day, seeks to achieve excellence. We reinvent ourselves and work to continually improve with the aim of being one of the key players in Spain in guaranteeing the well-being of the people we care for.

We are constantly adapting ourselves to the new times, we are committed to innovative projects and therapies, we have a firm commitment to the environment that surrounds us and its sustainability. We are people who take care of people and, since we are all different, at DomusVi we take into account that there is a specific solution for each need.

Our values build our essence, mark our personality, and they are in accordance with the new social demands and with the way of interacting with the whole of citizenship. As a company, our way of being and doing evolves to understand and accompany the new generations of more autonomous seniors, who demand greater personalization and individual freedom.

At DomusVi we understand the care and well-being of people through the following values:

Nuevos valores