Chronic sick

What are chronic illnesses?

Chronic illnesses are long-term illnesses which are generally slow to progress and incurable. The fact that they are chronic is unrelated to their severity, and does not necessarily render them fatal. There are various chronic illnesses which are mild and those which are nonfatal.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), chronic illnesses are responsible for 63% of deaths worldwide, and are also a significant cause of disability and loss of quality of life.

Although there are no definitive cures, treatment involves prevention and therapies which may delay the evolution of chronic illnesses or reduce the number of acute outbreaks involved with them.

DomusVi has ample experience in treating chronic illnesses which require an integrated approach including not just medicine and nursing, but also psychological care and the involvement of social workers and occupational therapists.

DomusVi accompanies patients with chronic illnesses throughout the disease’s evolution, from the beginning to the most advanced stages and in caring for them during acute outbreaks. It has thus developed a continual assessment model adapted to the illness as it progresses, involving telecare, domiciliary care, day centres and nursing homes

DomusVi chronic illness care

Domusvi offers units specialised in gerontological care for patients with chronic illnesses.

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