Behavioral disorders

What are behaviour problems?

Behaviour problems span a wide range of conduct disorders affecting the way patients relate to both themselves and those around them, and tend to be persistent in nature.

These conduct disorders vary significantly from the thoughts, feelings and relationships considered to be normal by society. They are also normally deeply rooted in the patient and often affect various psychological and behavioural functions. They may also be accompanied by difficulties in social adaptation.

Some of these problems may have resulted from patient experiences; however many are related to physical and psychological illnesses.

Behaviour problems may first appear at a young age or may be the result of ageing or related illnesses such as dementia or Alzheimer’s.

DomusVi has developed specialist units in its centres and homes to care for patients affected by behaviour problems by means of multidisciplinary teams formed of doctors, psychologists and occupational therapists, etc. An initial assessment is made to determine the degree to which the patient is affected and resources are then activated to improve behaviour or maintain the patient’s current state.

Units specialised in geriatric psychiatry and behaviour problems

DomusVi offers units specalised in geriatric psychiatry and behaviour problems.

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