Advanced disease

What are advanced illnesses?

Accidents or acute diseases aside, people reach the end of their lives by means of the advanced evolution of a particular disease. For the elderly, various illnesses add up and worsen due to advancing age. In other cases, illnesses (such as cancer) require different types of care apart from the pharmacological type as they progress.

In both cases, a multidisciplinary approach is required to improve wellbeing which considers the patient as an individual and does not just treat each illness separately. The aim is to prevent or treat the symptoms or side effects of the illness and treatments, and care for emotional, social, practical and spiritual problems which the patient may face in order to improve their quality of life. The different stages of the disease’s evolution must be taken into account in order to do so (diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and end of life) as well as the medical and surgical treatments required to approach these.

The best treatment for patients with advanced illnesses is by means of a multidisciplinary team of doctors, nurses, nutritionists, social workers, psychologists, masseurs and therapists, etc. specifically trained to offer the care required to improve wellbeing.

DomusVi offers specialised in care for patients with advanced illnesses by means of both domiciliary care and that administered in our nursing homes.

These facilities provide multidisciplinary teams trained to provide solutions to patients with advanced illnesses or those at the end of their lives. For every patient, an initial assessment is made to identify the care resources required (domiciliary care, hospital care, medical consultations, homes etc.) and decisions are planned in an integral manner. The same medical professional is responsible for accompanying patient process and will help the patient and their family to make decisions. We also have a call centre in order to attend to queries and emergencies. 

Units specialised in advanced illness and palliative care

DomusVi’s centres feature units specialised in care for patients with advanced illnesses and palliative care. They also offer domiciliary care for patients with chronic illnesses and gerontological care.

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