Our health and social services platform

DomusVi is the leading health and social services provider. It has a workforce made up of more than 23.000 employees, who provide nursing home and domiciliary care services to 200.000 people every year. The organisation has developed an innovative person-centred care protocol based on three main areas: humane, friendly treatment, specialist healthcare and a focus on comfort and wellbeing, which permeate all these services.

We accompany people through their lives, providing services adapted to all levels of dependency:

Innovative services, tailored to individual needs


Nursing homes and healthcare centres

Our centres are divided into individual cohabitation units that guarantee our users’ quality of life, social integration and individual care. We have a unit to care for people with Alzheimer’s and a dementia unit, services for people with serious disabilities, family respite care, gerontological care, palliative care, behaviour problems, convalescence and rehabilitation, day centres and day hospitals.


DomusVi Healthcare

Domiciliary healthcare and other services. Our DomusVi Healthcare branch offers an extensive range of domiciliary healthcare services to companies and individuals. These are available 24 hours of the day, 365 days of year and are coordinated by our specialist healthcare call centre.

Domicilary Assistance

We offer individual and preventive dependency care for people at risk or who are dependent, enabling them to live independently in their homes.



A preventive, immediate, permanent care service. We offer both fixed (at home) and mobile (outside the home) telecare.


Retirement housing

ADOREA apartments are specifically designed to enable our clients to live independently and to feel safe and secure.