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DomusVi Healthcare offers a range of services designed specifically to assist you at home. Whether it’s a medical emergency, or you have a question regarding care, recovery after a surgical operation, medical care at home for chronic illness or palliative care as a family member’s life comes to an end, DomusVi Healthcare can provide you with all the care and resources you need to feel safe.

A Friendly Approach
Specialist Healthcare
Comfort and Wellbeing

Contact center and telephone consultation

As part of everyday life, we have questions and need information about health-related questions on subjects such as diagnosis, treatments, dressings, diet, psychological support or legal advice. DomusVi Healthcare has a telephone helpline to answer your questions and provide you with support in all these areas, staffed by a specialised professional team. With more than 25 years of experience, we have been able to reduce response times to less than 30 seconds in 98% of calls.

· Emergency medical care
· Medical consultancy
· Nursing consultancy

· Nutritional consultancy
· Psychological consultancy
· Legal consultancy

Doctors and nurses on call

We offer our users both urgent healthcare and follow-up by doctors and/or nurses, when required. We provide the expendable material needed in the provision of healthcare and administer emergency medication when appropriate.

Emergency call outs

· General medicine
· Child healthcare
· Nursing


· General medicine
· Nursing
· Physiotherapy

Care for users with chronic illnesses and palliative care

If you or a family member suffers from one or more minor, complex or advanced chronic illnesses and would like to be cared for at home, DomusVi Healthcare offers a complete care team that will allow you to stay at home with the guarantee of comprehensive medical care.

The chronic home care programme provides users with individualised care based on each person’s needs and. A specific contact person is assigned to manage each case.

· Initial assessment visit by the mulitdisciplinary team at the patient’s home

· Drawing up a proposal and scheduling the necessary care

· Monthly inter-disciplinary meeting to follow up the care schedule

· Seventy per cent of patients receive continuous care at home

· Possibility of admission to our social health centres

·Fifty per cent of patients are provided with remote monitoring devices

·The care contact centre is open 24 hours a day

· Possibility of admission to the social health centre if required or if the patient wishes


Domiciliary hospitalisation

The best place to get back to normal again after an operation or a care process is in your own home. However, in many cases support is required from doctors, nurses or physiotherapists to ensure that the patient recovers fully and safely.

· Infectious illnesses, pneumonia, pyelonephritis, etc.

· Patients in the immediate post-operative period for minor or major surgeries

· Patients in the later post-operative period for major, traumatic or orthopaedic surgery

· Treatment of large sores and skin ulcers

Depending on each patient’s needs, DomusVi Healthcare provides:

· Respiratory therapy

· Serotherapy

· Antibiotic therapy

· Telemonitoring

· Other treatment


· Discharge within 15 days

· Shorter hospital stays

· Prevention of hospital-acquired infections

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