DomusVi Healthcare domiciliary healthcare and personal care

DomusVi Healthcare offers domiciliary healthcare services to assist patients with specific care needs with everyday tasks. Its multidisciplinary team of professionals adapts to each patient using personalised methodology to ensure continuity and comprehensive care.

Over 150 professionals specialised in medicine, nursing, physiotherapy, psychology, nutrition, social work and legal advice are available to our users across the whole of Spain.

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Health specialization+Personal attention+At home

Our statistics

We carry out over
47,000 doctors’ visits
to our customers’ homes per year.

We carry out over
30,000 nurses’ visits
to our customers’ homes per year.

We look after over
19,500 patients
in their homes.

Our teams of doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals serve customers across the whole of Spain

Center DomusVi Healthcare Barcelona c/ Ametller, 6 08906 L’Hospitalet de Llobregat Tel. 93 260 15 41 (Oficinas)

Center DomusVi Healthcare Madrid c/ Duquesa de Castrejón, 18-20 28033 Madrid Tel. 932 601 541

Center DomusVi Healthcare Mallorca c/ Can Carbonell, 2 07141 Marratxí Tel. 900 45 65 85

Center DomusVi Healthcare Sevilla c/ Baltasar Gracián, 2 41007 Sevilla Tel. 900 45 65 85