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Valle del Roncal Integral Disability Care Centre – CAIDIS

The Valle de Roncal Integral Disability Care Centre – CAIDIS is at the foot of Monte San Cristóbal, in the La Chantrea, neighbourhood, inside the Psychogeriatric Hospital, in an area replete with gardens and walks.

It is all built on one floor and divided into residential units.

The Valle del Roncal Integral Disability Care cares for people with moderate, severe and profound, who need permanent, extensive, generalise support. It offers accommodation, meals, medical and healthcare, psycho-social care, rehabilitation and skills programmes and social and personal adjustment services as well as free time and leisure activities.

Users of these centres benefit from integral attention that meets their needs for extensive, generalised support, personal and social programmes, medical and nursing care and rehabilitation therapy and occupational therapy focused on normalisation. Users of this day care centre also benefit from an adapted transport service, among other facilities.

Transport: Bus routes 5, 7 and 11
The centre has some car parking spaces / Easy parking area.

The Valle del Roncal Integral Disability care centre is owned by the Gobierno de Navarra and is managed by DomusVi. Only subsidised places are available.

104 residential places
10 day centre places



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