José Luis Sampedro Day Care Centre for Elderly People

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José Luis Sampedro Day Care Centre for Elderly People

The José Luis Sampedro Day Care Centre for Elderly People (Madrid), offers a range of services to meet the community's needs, such as the Municipal Centre for the Elderly, day centre for dependent people from Monday to Friday and the Weekend Family Support and Respite Programme.

The Municipal Day Care Centre for the Elderly organises activities and courses for people over the age of 55 who comply with the conditions imposed by Parla Town Council. It has its own café.

The day centre for elderly people is a special unit that cares for older people during the day, from Monday to Friday, taking care of dependent users. It features a meal service, transport, geriatric care by doctors and nurses, social help, assistance with tasks of daily living, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and leisure activities. It aims to improve and maintain the level of personal independence and to support families and caregivers with the task of caring for elderly people.

Weekend Family Support and Respite Programme is a service provided by Parla Town Council in the same facilities used by the day centre on Saturdays and Sundays with the exception of public holidays. It provides meal services, transport, geriatric and social care and occupational therapy. There are also hairdressing, chiropody and cafeteria services available.

Access: By A-42 road from Madrid, exit 19B. 7 minutes walking from 'Parla' train station.

José Luis Sampedro Day Centre for Elderly People is owned by Ayuntamiento de Parla and is managed by DomusVi. All places are subsidised by the Comunidad de Madrid or Ayuntamiento de Parla.

45 day Care centre places
15 Support and Family Respite places


  • Comprehensive geriatric assessment
  • Diet management
  • Psychomotor stimulation
  • Memory and cognitive stimulation workshops
  • Occupational therapy
  • Daily cleaning
  • Festivities marking special dates
  • Excursions and activities
  • Organisation of social and cultural events
  • Adapted transport
  • Services maintained over weekends
  • Shower service

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