At DomusVi our mission is to care for vulnerable people and give them a sense of wellbeing. Our Quality, Environment and Occupational Risk Prevention Policy is there to drive us and every one of the services we provide, whether in our specialist centres (elderly, mental health and disability) or the homes of the people we care for.

We are people who take care of people: something that requires the highest level of attention. Achieving service excellence is our goal. This is why ever since we started we have had an integrated quality management, environment and occupational risk prevention system in place.

It means we can be sure we are guided by ongoing improvement every day, constantly adding to our values: knowing how to care, a pioneering spirit, innate empathy, shared trust and emotional sincerity.

The CEO leads, and is the driving force behind our Quality, Environment and Occupational Risk Prevention Policy: the company’s framework which serves as a fundamental reference point in the regular review of its objectives. It means we can always offer the right response to the needs and expectations of our clients and society in general.

Providing a quality service also means dedicating the resources needed to legislative compliance, environmental conservation and respect, pollution prevention, sustainable use of resources, efficient waste management, the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems and contribution to the fight against climate change. We have an awareness of the impact human activity has on the environment.

By the same token, the quality of our services could not be a reality without the commitment and participation of each and every staff member. Guaranteeing their safety, eliminating any potential risks (or reducing any unavoidable risks as much as possible), and promoting professional development all form the foundations of our quality policy. A healthy workplace, team spirit, knowledge building, decent working conditions and internal promotion are all priorities in the policy.

Our Occupational Risk Plan (ORP) is in line with current legislation, with two key systems that ensure we create safe centres and prevent any harm or detriment to our employees’ health: risk assessment and preventive action planning.

All these aspects are, in turn, drivers and pillars of our new Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, through which we aspire to create and share sustainable value. It is our firm belief that our social and environmental commitment, as well as our contribution to global sustainability, will give us a competitive advantage.

Measures such as reducing energy consumption, optimising waste management, supporting improved working conditions, constantly adapting the way we organise our work, strengthening the value of the same, developing a monitoring plan to identify and prevent human rights risks, the health and safety of people and the environment, will all make us better as a company and contribute positively to society’s development.

Every year, we seek certification from a number of renowned organisations to guarantee compliance with our objectives, legal and other requirements, and continued progress. This is why we regularly revalidate our ISO 9001; ISO 14001; our EMAS REGULATION; UNE 158.101; UNE 158.201; UNE 158.301; UNE 158.401 and ISO 45001, a testament to our constant work on improving the quality of life of the people we care for.

Check here the Environmental Declaration.

Josefina Fernández Miguélez
CEO of DomusVi
Date of approval: 14-05-2021