DomusVi’s mission is to improve the well-being of the elderly. We do it by applying our values: knowing how to care, pioneering spirit, innate empathy, shared trust and sincerity of emotions.

In our task we are guided by the search for excellence, one of our founding principles and a key factor in our progressive development for more than twenty years. To achieve this, we equip ourselves with our own Integrated Management System for Quality, Environment and Prevention of Occupational Risks.

And we verify that we are on the right track when year after year we certify ourselves in a series of benchmarks of recognized prestige. ISO 9001; ISO 14001; the EMAS REGULATION; UNE 158.101; UNE 158,201; UNE 158,301; UNE 158.401 and ISO 45001 demonstrate that we strive every day to improve the quality of life of the people we care for, but they also guarantee the fulfillment of the objectives that we set ourselves.

In addition, our activity is carried out by providing the necessary means for the conservation and respect of the environment. Our CEO, the main promoter of our Quality, Environment and Occupational Risk Prevention policy, is responsible for this.

In this area, precisely, applying the principle of continuous improvement with the establishment of objectives in addition to legislative compliance, making a rational use of resources and managing waste efficiently, we propose to carry out sustainable mobility plans, reducing the carbon footprint and energy consumption; We have also proposed to achieve an increase in the value of clothing, so that there is a reuse of the textile waste generated; and we will increase the recycling of masks, glass, cardboard and paper, among other objectives.

On the other hand, the exercise of our activity could not be carried out with the quality that we demand of ourselves without the commitment and participation of each and every one of the company’s professionals. Our Policy guarantees decent and safe working conditions, as well as promoting teamwork, professional development, continuous training and internal promotion, prioritizing health at work and guaranteeing safety, eliminating all those risks that are possible and minimizing those that cannot be eliminated.

This, added to our corporate social responsibility policy, accredits us as a company committed on a social and environmental level, thus contributing to global sustainability and providing our services with an added value that makes a difference.

Check here the Environmental Declaration.


José María Pena Rodríguez

Consejero Delegado de DomusVi
Approval date: October 20, 2021