DomusVi Healthcare services for
insurance providers

Satisfied customers, satisfied insurance providers

DomusVi Healthcare offers insurance providers domiciliary healthcare for their customers, with the experience and safety ensured by processes guaranteeing healthcare quality and satisfaction for both users and their families. Their satisfaction is our satisfaction.

Contact center and telephone consultation

DomusVi Healthcare provides managers specialised in medicine, nursing, nutrition, psychology and legal advice in order to meet all of its customers’ needs. Our managers are experts in handling calls from or to customers as well as business partners, affiliated companies and service providers. We offer consulting and support on procedures which are both urgent and non-urgent. More information..



Over 25 years’ experience.


DomusVi Healthcare provides services to over 90 healthcare providers across Spain.


The time for responding to calls does not exceed 30 seconds in over 98% of cases, allowing us to immediately respond to our customers’ requests.

Doctors and nurses on call

We offer our users both urgent healthcare and follow-up by doctors and/or nurses, when required. We provide the expendable material needed in the provision of healthcare and administer emergency medication when appropriate.

Emergency call outs

• General medicine
• Child healthcare
• Nursing


• General medicine
• Nursing
• Physiotherapy

• Digital record of medical history
• Records and reports of healthcare use and quality
• Quality indicators

• Correct management of user expectations
• 98% of call outs made in less than two hours

Care for users with chronic illnesses and palliative care

DomusVi Healthcare offers specialist healthcare for patients with chronic illnesses:

· Patients with simple chronic illnesses: patients to have been diagnosed with a chronic illness or who take medication for at least three consecutive months per year

· Patients with complex chronic illnesses: patients who have over three related chronic illnesses and who are hospitalised over twice a year

· Patients with advanced chronic illnesses: patients with limited life expectancy. More information. More information

How does the domiciliary care programme for chronically-ill patients work?

Each user is designated a standard multidisciplinary team for supervision and monitoring. Personalised care is provided based on the user’s needs and preferences:

· Initial multidisciplinary visit to the patient’s residence

· Signing of the consent form by the patient

· Development of the proposed care plan and its schedule

· Weekly care team meetings and monthly interdisciplinary meetings

· Quarterly meeting with the insurance provider’s medical team to monitor patient progress

· Assessment and provision of suitable telemonitoring devices

· Healthcare contact center available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

· Possibility of checking into one of our healthcare centers

Improving quality of life

· Decrease in the frequency of emergencies

· Decrease in hospital stays

· Decrease in the length of acute conditions

· Prior diagnosis of complications

· Improved perception of quality by both patients and their families

· Advice on the most suitable level of care according to patient preferences

· Assistance allowing the patient to resume everyday activities (EA) in their own home


Domiciliary hospitalisation

Service offered by DomusVi Healthcare for patients to have been discharged early, after being checked in for medical or surgical procedures:

· Infectious illnesses, pneumonia, pyelonephritis, etc.

· Patients in the immediate post-operative period for minor or major surgeries

· Patients in the later post-operative period for major, traumatic or orthopaedic surgery

· Treatment of large sores and skin ulcers

Depending on each patient’s needs, DomusVi Healthcare provides:

· Respiratory therapy

· Serotherapy

· Antibiotic therapy

· Telemonitoring

· Other treatment

Improving quality of life

· Prevention of nosocomial infections

· Reduction in length of hospital stays

· Coordination with other levels of care

· Time parameters for the care procedure

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