DomusVi Healthcare improves staff loyalty and efficiency

DomusVi Healthcare has developed a portfolio of services specially designed for companies, both in terms of permanent and temporary healthcare service provision as well as that for special events.

DomusVi Healthcare offers a staff absence management service for large companies.

Medical and healthcare service outsourcing

We provide healthcare professionals to companies in order to meet healthcare needs, both in full and part-time schedules and for determined and undetermined periods.

• Companies with their own healthcare service
• Companies who wish to externalise their healthcare service
• Healthcare transport companies (ambulances)

• Health insurance companies with a direct assistance service
• Care service for nursing homes
• Events companies in the fields of sport, culture and education

Employee absence management

Absence management in current company organisation directly impacts on the fulfillment of economic targets, salaries and the company’s competitivity.



• Reduce the rate of absences
• DomusVi Healthcare offers its experience in health management to analyse causes and offer suitable solutions for each company
• Assess the costs involved with absences
• Minimise the costs of medical leave



• Caring for employee health, monitoring care quality, analysing causes and implementing measures adapted to fit the company
• Specific analysis of each case of medical leave
• Prioritising of the relationship between the company and mutual insurance companies
• An economic study of each case of medical leave, in order to minimise the associated costs
• An individual study of long-term leave involving proposed disabilities or permanent incapacity
• The implementation of an online programme for managing staff absences
• Support for the employee while on leave, assessing their diagnosis and treatment, helping them attend appointments and diagnostic tests, as well as realignment of badly-managed leave
• The conviction that effective leave management benefits both the company and its staff
• Emphasis on short-term leave, given that the early days have the greatest economic repercussions for the company
• Involvement of the entire company structure (management, HR, middle management, occupational risk prevention management, company medical team, company committee).
• Communication plan for employees
• Medical inspection proposals

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