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DomusVi offers care to patients with mental illnesses by means of an integration-based and multidisciplinary approach.

Our professionals operate on the basis of five principles: inclusion, individualisation, professionalisation, participation and stabilisation.

These principles are designed to improve and encourage the patient’s independence and promote their social inclusion. To do so we work on three factors:

1. Active participation by all those involved: nurses, family members and professionals. Community integration.

2. Professional treatment that considers patients with mental illnesses to be in charge of their own life plan.

3. Global treatment based on the conception of the person as a whole, from a “biopsychosocial” perspective. We strive to meet all of the patient’s needs, not just those related to their illness.

The ultimate objective is to provide a high-quality service in which the patient is the centre of attention, reinforcing their individual resources and promoting their inclusion into their environment in so far as is possible. For patients with mental illnesses, wellbeing entails a monitoring of symptoms and the structuring of a lifestyle allowing them to maintain a stable way of life. 

How we work

The key principles behind care for patients with mental illnesses in DomusVi’s centres are as follows:

To improve their quality of life, maintaining their existing abilities to complete basic everyday activities.

To improve cognitive and functional capacities.

To prevent and treat psychological and behaviour problems.

 To monitor and assess cognitive capacities.

To encourage participation in cognitive-stimulus and functional activities in order to tackle a sedentary lifestyle. 

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