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Home Telecare is a preventive system of home care that covers the needs of those who, due to their personal situation, age or physical condition, may require timely attention and prompt assistance in cases of emergency, 24 hours a day, 365 days a week. year.

Telecare is a service that responds to the needs of the user and family and / or caregivers. Enhancing the maintenance of daily life activities in the usual environment.

Esencial 10 Telecare!

DomusVi Telecare service for totally independent people who want to have a helpline in case of emergency situation. Available from € 10 per month (VAT included). Features:

- Basic home equipment
- Self-installable
- Emergency Resolution 24x365
- Communication to family members
- Terminal maintenance

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Home Telecare

The Home Telecare service is aimed at people who live alone or accompanied and need continuous and / or permanent care. People who need follow-up and control of their socio-health situation, as well as medical reminders. Includes Installation and maintenance of the terminal, reception of emergency calls and follow-up, and medical reminders. Customize the DomusVi Home Telecare service with the following accessories, which can be combined:

- Insurance: People who want to increase their security by installing sensors of different types (gas, smoke, movement ...).
- With you: People who need us to go to your home in case of emergency. Includes mobile unit and custody of keys. Check geographic availability.
- Without a fixed line: People who do not have a fixed telephone line. People who need urgent service. Includes high in 24 hours, self-installable and moveable to other homes.

The Home Telecare service packages are all compatible with each other so that, always with the Home base, the combinations are multiple.

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Mobile Telecare

The Mobile Telecare service is intended for autonomous people seeking safety and tranquility outside the home (people with disabilities, athletes, adolescents, the chronically ill, etc.). Features:
- Delivery device in hand
- GPS location
- Delimitation security zone
- Emergency situations attention
- Follows

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How does it work ?

1. In case of need or emergency...
2. Press the button on the pendant or bracelet anywhere in your home.
3. A professional will immediately attend to you and activate all the resources needed.

It’s that easy...

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DomusVi people

Mari Luz, Telecare DomusVi, your best company
Altagracia and Amparo's history with DomusVi Telecare
The button tranquility

  • Testimonio del servicio de Teleasistencia SARquavitae

     My mother was struggling with living at home on her own and there was nobody to attend to her in case of emergency. Taking out DomusVi's telecare service has restored my peace of mind, in the knowledge that she has someone on hand to help her when needed.

    Gloria, 46, daughter of a telecare customer.

  • Telecare service centers

    Telecare center Madrid c/ San Máximo, 3 28041 Madrid Tel. 90 151 21 19

    Telecare center Avilés c/ José Manuel Pedregal, 16, 1 B 33401 Avilés (Asturias) Tel. 609 96 94 25

    Telecare center Teruel c/ Aínsas, 7 44001 Teruel Tel. 648 76 14 09

    Telecare center Ponferrada c/ Fueros de León, 3, 3ªF 24400 Ponferrada (León) Tel. 618 98 32 54

    Telecare center Baleares (Palma) c/ Jesús, 38, 1º 07010 Palma Tel. 901 51 21 19

    Telecare center Menorca C/ Maria Lluisa Serra 11, bajo 07701 Mahón (Menorca) Tel. 609 00 00 42

    Telecare center Salamanca C/ Alfonso de Castro 6, Entreplanta 37005 Salamanca Tel. 682 58 88 60

    Telecare center Orense C/ Camiño Antigo nº 4 32002 Orense (Pontevedra) Tel. 988269115

    Telecare center Béjar (Salamanca) C/Ramiro Arroyo, 2 37500 Béjar Tel. 683 47 07 14

    Telecare center Ciudad Rodrigo (Salamanca) C/Correo Viejo, 4 puerta 4 37500 Ciudad Rodrigo Tel. 696 01 39 25

    Telecare center Segovia Avda. Fernández Ladreda, 10 Planta 2ª, oficina A-2 40001 Segovia Tel. 608 83 50 36

    Telecare center Vigo (Pontevedra) Avda. García Barbón, 60 36201 Vigo Tel. 901 51 21 19

    Telecare center Sevilla Avda. San Fco. Javier 20 - Edif. Catalana de Occidente - 4ta Plta 41005 Sevilla Tel. 954 64 27 90

    Telecare center Cáceres C/ Zurbarán, 30, Bajo Izquierda 10005 Cáceres Tel. 690 14 90 15

    Telecare center Badajoz C/ Luis Alvarez Lencero nº 3, planta 5ª, oficina 3 06011 Badajoz Tel. 660 768 624