Ethics Committee

A variety of conflicts and ethical issues arise in the healthcare ambit, as well as ethical problems that hinder decision-making and which lead to conflict between users, family members and professionals. In this context, SARquavitae created the Health Care Ethics Committee in 2005 to serve as a space for reflection and consultation among professionals on ethical matters in the healthcare area.

The SARquavitae Health Care Ethics Committee became the first officially certified healthcare centre in Spain in 2008 and is now an established ethical benchmark in the organisation. It has issued 32 opinions and 12 documents.

The Committee, which comprises 13 members from different disciplines of SARquavitae, is chaired by Professor Francesc Torralba, manager of the Ethos Chair of Applied Ethics at the Universitat Ramon Llull. The secretary of the committee is lawyer Rafael de Gispert.


Protect the rights of the people for whom it cares.

Facilitate the decision-making process in cases of ethical conflict.

Provide training for employees in ethical matters (regulations, bioethics, and best practices).


SARquavitae ethical criteria

Guide to Good Professional Practices

Practical guide “Ethics for healthcare professionals”

Book on ethics for healthcare professionals

Guide to ethics for domiciliary care professionals