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DomusVi supplier of a wide range of services for the government especially dedicated to providing personalized home care for people at risk, vulnerability or dependency. Our home help service allows them to continue living independently at home, through a program of individualized and preventive care provided by professionals.

· Prevents deterioration of personal and social situations.
· Delays possible institutionalization of dependents.
· It helps maintain the capabilities of the person.
· Promoting healthy behaviors.

How do we work in domiciliary assistance?


The domiciliary assistance is an individualized program, preventive, educational and care dependency, consisting of a set of services of care for people.

Personal care: hygiene support, assistance and control of prescribed medication, stimulation and promotion of the basic activities of daily living, etc.

Attention on the needs of the home: cleaning, food processing, washing, ironing and household organization, etc.

Psychosocial, family support and participation sociocommunity: accompaniments, leisure activities, promotion of healthy habits, etc.

Additional services: podiatry, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, hairdresser, technical assistance, etc.

Care for vulnerable children and families at risk.

Respite services and caregiver training.

portada plan igualdad * Committed to Equality.
December, 2018. Signed ServiSAR Servicios Sociales, S.L. Equality Plan.

Specialist team

Social workers
Family workers
Home care aides

Clinical assistants
Entertainers and monitors

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Domiciliary assistance centres

SAD Alcorcón c/ Mayor, 70, 1º A 28921 Alcorcón (Madrid) Tel. 916 430 766

SAD Alicante Avda. Óscar Esplá, 4. Of. 7 03003 Alicante Tel. 965 982 639

SAD Cádiz c/ Nueva, 2 Duplicado 2ª planta 11005 Cádiz Tel. 956 290 983

SAD CAM (Alcorcón) c/ Mayor, 70, 1º A 28921 Alcorcón (Madrid) Tel. 916 430 766

SAD Huelva Edif. Torrecolon, c/ Plus Ultra 13-15 4B 21001 Huelva (Huelva) Tel. 959 286 072

SAD San Cristóbal de la Laguna c/ Seis de Diciembre, 28. Edif. Chamarta, Planta 2ª Oficina A2 38201 San Cristóbal de la Laguna (Tenerife) Tel. 922 631 217

SAD Logroño c/ Vara del Rey 42, 4º 26002 Logroño (La Rioja) Tel. 941 232 250

SAD Móstoles Avda. Dos de Mayo, 10, 1º C 28931 Móstoles (Madrid) Tel. 916 642 263

SAD CAM (Araganda del Rey) Av. Madrid 5 local B y 10C 28500 Arganda del Rey (Madrid) Tel. 916 430 766

SAD CAM (Alcobendas) Avda. Fuencarral 44, Edificio 4A, Local 36, Planta 3ª 28108 Alcobendas (Madrid) Tel. 916 297 096

SAD Palma c/ Jesús, 38, 1º 07010 Palma (Baleares) Tel. 971 296 651

SAD Zaragoza c/ Salvador Allende, 56 50015 Zaragoza Tel. 976 460 115

SAD Sevilla Avda. Luís Montoto, 107-113 Edificio de cristal portal A 3º D 41007 Sevilla 954574987

SAD Puerto de Santa María c/ Aurora, 11. Edif. Diplomático, Pl 1 of. 10 11500 El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz) 956870126

SAD Lucena c/ Arévalo, 3, Portal 1, local 2 14900 Lucena (Córdoba) 957514096

SAD Badalona c/ Alfonso XII, 129 08912 Badalona (Barcelona) Tel. 934 603 603

SAD Ibiza Av de Santa Eulalia 17, Esc D. Oficina 13. 07800 Ibiza (Baleares) Tel. 690 88 55 72

SAD Valencia c/ Marques Dos Aguas 3, 2º C-D 46002 Valencia Tel. 963 523 472

SAD Santiago de Compostela c/ Escultor Camino Otero, 2 15702 Santiago de Compostela (Coruña) Tel. 881 087 289

SAD CAM (Leganés) c/ Puerto de la Morcuera, 13, 1º Local 9 28919 Leganés (Madrid) Tel. 913 411 208